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I spent my childhood in rural Tamil Nadu – and I have very fond memories of those days, spent swimming in the river, catching fish, playing in the open fields with my friends, herding cows, sleeping under the sky and the stars. I can still remember the smell of the fields before rain, the smell of the river, the smell of the cattle, the smell of fresh milk and the smell of simple food.
During my college days, when I went to see life by the Narmada River having heard so much about the controversies surrounding the construction of the dam, I became nostalgic by the same rural sights and smells of my childhood and as i look back at these photographs i feel a similar nostalgia for this land that is no more.My photographs from Narmada connect me to my days of being a village boy, living a simple life. I have grown up and life is not simpleanymore.
the beauty of the place where I have grown up, and feel an intimacy which has eluded me my entire photographic career. I now know that the two things I will lose last in this world are family and home.

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