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Siem Reap is increasingly gentrified, where everything blends into each other in globalized harmony.

Everything feels familiar and yet, I feel nothing.
Until one day, I discovered a community of seemingly homeless people living in a green space abandoned by the city.
It was a world that I didn’t necessarily understand but one I felt most welcomed in. I couldn’t recognize the motifs, the rituals or the systems of hierarchy but it is here that I found some semblance of truth.
Could it be then, that the only way to tell the truth of someone’s life is not by the colour of their skin but the choices they make that reflect on it. Maybe wounds and scars are just as important signifiers as body art.
Maybe the fetal position is not so stifling and perhaps neighbours are not those separated by walls but simply those who exist beside us. And perhaps darkness is not a negative thing, as long as the light falls in the right places.

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